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Denver Roofing – Now’s the Time

storms-comingAs a Denver Roofing service provider, we proudly serve our community with free roof inspections and quality roof restoration and repair . Although we provide other services related to your home and property, roofing has been our primary focus this summer, especially since the hail storm that damaged many Denver Roofs last spring. Time and harsh weather take it’s normal toll on your roof. But a hail storm like we had in May and high winds only expedite the deterioration process. Continue reading

Outsource Your Honey-Do List

usa-roof-restoration-honey-do-listGot a half finished honey-do list?

That honey-do list you have is child’s play to us. We can tackle that list and change the name to a honey-done list! We’re faster, safer, and more efficient. We have better tools, are licensed, bonded, and have good standing with the BBB.

Just think how much better your home will look with most of the items on your list crossed off. Not only will the house look better, but also you’ll feel better about the way it looks. You’ll have a real sense of accomplishment.

Hire us and you’ll single handedly create American jobs and benefit your community! Hiring a professional crew will protect the value of your property. And you’ll enjoy demonstrating your leadership skills by delegating that pesky honey-do list to a qualified, skilled team to get the job done.

Our team will take the time to explain exactly what needs to be done and the cost involved before we begin work. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. It is our goal to not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

After boosting the local economy, you can help your family economy by asking for a FREE roof inspection from one of our well-qualified and experienced members.

honey-done-listLet’s compare lists and if your list has any of the following items on it, contact us ASAP:

T-lock Roofs

T-Lock Roof

T-Lock Roof

T-lock roofs are roofs that are made from a type of shingle that hasn’t been in production for more than a decade. These shingles are shaped like the letter T. They also interlock, hence the naming. When t-lock shingles first came out, they were believed to be markedly more wind-resistant than their seal-down counterparts. T-lock shingles were common throughout some states, notably Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. They were often seen in states that experienced intense winds.

Although t-lock shingles used to be common sights on residential roofs, that simply no longer is the case. Cost is one reason why these shingles are no longer being produced. As architectural shingles emerged, people began using t-lock shingles less and less. Because of this, it ceased being cost-effective to make the shingles. Installation is another big factor. Installing these shingles onto roofs is a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Replacing a T-Lock Roof

Replacing a T-Lock Roof

Like t-lock shingles, 3-tab shingles are also falling out of favor. If you have damage on a 3-tab shingle roof, your roof will no longer be able to properly defend your home. If this is the case for you, prompt professional roofing assistance is necessary.

Repairs for T-lock shingle roofs aren’t possible because the necessary materials simply aren’t being made anymore. If you have a t-lock roof, you don’t have to panic, however. If you reside in Denver, all you have to do is call us at USA Roof Restoration. We’ll replace your t-lock shingles with architectural shingles that boast impressive 105 wind ratings. Many insurance companies can help replace t-lock roofs. They often have RCV (replacement cost value) policies, which means that they’ll cover a full roof replacement, even if the roof is on the older side. Some insurance companies have ACV (actual cash value) policies, however. If you have an ACV policy, your insurance company will only cover the replacement costs depending on how much time is left for the shingles.

If you’re in Denver and need assistance with t-lock shingle roofs, 3-tab shingle roofs or roofs in general, look no further than our skilled professionals at USA Roof Restoration. Unlike most other roof restoration companies out there, we provide our clients with convenient 10-year workmanship and service warranties.

Your Insurance Can Help Save on Roof Repair and Replacement


You may not know that minor roof damage — even damage to a single shingle — may make you eligible for a total roof replacement covered by your homeowner’s policy. Given the heavy weather conditions our roofs have been through with the recent hail storms and tornados, now is a great time to get your roof inspected. For the best in roof repair and replacement, look to Denver’s own USA Roof Restoration, LLC.

The roof is a key component to your home’s structural integrity. A minor mishap such as a falling limb can harm the roof and allow the elements in. Once the roof’s integrity is breached, it may leak which can lead to rot and also damage your belongings. Ceilings, walls, floors, rugs, carpeting, furnishings, window treatment and all your possessions are vulnerable to the ravages of roof leaks. A compromised roof also harms your home’s energy efficiency, which wastes energy and money.

Because many roof types were discontinued more than 10 years ago, we replace those roofs with architectural shingles with a 105 wind rating. Given the battering heavy winds, hail, and tornadoes have been delivering to local roofs, now is a good time to get an estimate for roof repair in Denver. Your home insurance may cover all or most of the cost of the roof replacement.

In the case of a three tab roof, if it sustained damage the insurance company buys a new roof because 3 tabs are being phased out, and in this case as well, we replace the faulty roof with the 105 wind rated architectural shingles. You end up with a better, durable roof, capable of withstanding the local severe weather conditions.

Unlike most companies which usually only stand by their work for five years, we offer a 10-year warranty on our workmanship.

Hail Smacks Denver Metro

A large amount of hail hit Denver Metro area yesterday. Let’s make sure your roof didn’t suffer any damage and ensure it’s in tip-top shape before the nice storm hits! Call us for a free estimate at 720-238-1359 or 720-626-5866.

Check out the photos below from Twitter:

Winter Rough on Roofs

As recently reported by Amy Hoak on *, this past winter may have taken it’s toll on your roof. Wind, snow, ice, heavy rain and debris from trees all have the potential to cause damage to your roof. If left un-repaired, leak repairs and property damage due to leaks may be more costly down the road.

Before you climb up your ladder, please consider that we are offer a free roof inspection. We are experienced which means we are going to be more efficient than most having a trained eye and proper tools to thoroughly inspect your roof. Too, we are licensed, carry an A rating with the BBB, and are listed on Angies List.

Give us call at 720-238-1359 to schedule a free roof inspection today.

Click play button below for audio of interview with Amy Hoak from @WSJRadio :

*Market Watch Article: